THE FRANKHAM BUILDINGS QUALITY PROGRAMME is built on teamwork and data. Everyone connected with a project attends the pre-project breakfast “Better Buildings” Seminar where the strategy is set out, particularly the completion of the FREEONE Sheet.

Throughout a project, we collect Quality Sheets weekly, statistically analyse the data and report to everyone involved on a fortnightly basis. Good Ideas are collected, causes of problems charted, and the results graphed for action. Some matters receive immediate attention; others are longer-term issues that we resolve in the next project.

  In a recent survey by the Australian research organisation, CSIRO, it was discovered that 93% of contractors changed their tender price based upon the quality of the documentation. A poor standard of documentation increased construction cost to the client by as much as 11.4%

Frankhams have run a quality system since 1982 and it is estimated that the quality system saved more than 10% in the last construction contract.

Tim Ball
logs and surveys, gathers, plots and delivers the data that drives Frankham Building's quality system.

His keen eye for trends and opportunities vividly scribes out a strategic advantage over our competitors - we simply learn faster, then share the data with our Preferred Suppliers. The result is buildings that work, schedules that pan out as planned and an open, constructive platform for constant improvement.

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